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Swift ​​Navigation ​​Enhances ​​its ​​Centimeter-Accurate ​​GNSS Technology ​​with ​​Piksi ​​Multi ​​Firmware ​​1.2 ​​Release

Major ​​firmware ​​upgrade ​​to ​​flagship ​​product ​​Piksi(R) ​​Multi ​​is ​​available ​​at ​​no ​​cost ​​to ​​customers ​​and provides ​​a ​​fundamentally-improved ​​RTK ​​float ​​solution ​​as ​​well ​​as ​​enhanced ​​RTK ​​robustness ​​in ​​the ​​face ​​of poor ​​measurement ​​conditions ​​from ​​multipath, ​​pitch ​​and ​​roll ​​on ​​dynamic ​​vehicles

Major firmware upgrade to Swift Navigation flagship product Piksi® Multi is available at no cost to customers and provides a fundamentally-improved RTK float solution as well as enhanced RTK robustness in the face of poor measurement conditions from multipath, pitch and roll on dynamic vehicles.Click here for high-resolution version

SAN ​​FRANCISCO, ​​CA--(Marketwired - October 30, 2017) - Swift ​​Navigation​, ​​a ​​San ​​Francisco-based ​​tech ​​startup ​​building centimeter-accurate ​​GPS ​​technology ​​to ​​power ​​a ​​world ​​of ​​autonomous ​​vehicles, ​​today ​​announced ​​the second ​​major ​​firmware ​​upgrade ​​to ​​its ​​flagship ​​product ​​​Piksi Multi ​​GNSS ​​Module​​​. ​​The ​​upgrade ​​is available ​​at ​​no ​​cost ​​to ​​Piksi ​​Multi ​​users ​​and ​​provides ​​initial ​​support ​​for ​​a ​​new ​​constellation ​​(GLONASS), as ​​well ​​as ​​increased ​​functionality ​​and ​​improved ​​performance.

Firmware ​​Version ​​1.2 ​​Updates ​​Include

  • GLONASS ​​Support ​​​- The ​​new ​​firmware ​​provides ​​dual ​​frequency ​​(L1/L2) ​​GLONASS ​​raw measurements ​​for ​​use ​​cases ​​such ​​as ​​post-processed ​​kinematic ​​(PPK) ​​and ​​custom ​​navigation engines. ​​Additionally, ​​initial ​​GLONASS ​​navigation ​​outputs ​​expand ​​receiver ​​capability ​​for ​​Single Point ​​Positioning ​​(SPP). ​​Further ​​GLONASS ​​navigation ​​performance ​​improvements ​​are ​​planned for ​​future ​​firmware ​​releases.
  • Fundamentally ​​Improved ​​RTK ​​Float ​​Solution ​​​- Piksi ​​Multi's ​​float ​​RTK ​​output ​​has ​​been ​​tuned ​​to optimize ​​the ​​solution ​​for ​​autonomous ​​machines ​​and ​​precision ​​navigation. ​​There ​​is ​​a ​​step-change improvement ​​of ​​positioning ​​performance ​​in ​​float ​​mode. ​​In ​​fact, ​​new ​​and ​​improved ​​float ​​solution performance ​​can ​​often ​​fulfill ​​precision ​​navigation ​​requirements.
  • RTK ​​Robustness ​​​- ​​Swift ​​has ​​added ​​a ​​Measurement ​​Integrity ​​Assurance ​​(MIA) ​​feature ​​that ensures ​​only ​​top ​​quality ​​pseudorange ​​and ​​carrier ​​phase ​​range ​​measurements ​​are ​​used ​​for navigation. ​​This ​​will ​​improve ​​navigation ​​performance ​​in ​​the ​​face ​​of ​​poor ​​measurement conditions ​​from ​​multipath, ​​pitch ​​and ​​roll ​​of ​​the ​​antenna ​​on ​​dynamic ​​vehicles, ​​and ​​temporary obstructions.
  • Fundamentally ​​Improved ​​SPP ​​Solution ​​​- Improving ​​on ​​its ​​original ​​"single ​​epoch" ​​SPP, ​​version 1.2 ​​firmware ​​has ​​an ​​advanced ​​SPP ​​solution ​​that ​​brings ​​Swift's ​​estimation ​​and ​​filtering ​​expertise to ​​bear ​​on ​​the ​​Single ​​Point ​​Position ​​output ​​when ​​there ​​are ​​no ​​RTK ​​corrections. ​​Version ​​1.2 ​​also harmonizes ​​the ​​SPP ​​output ​​with ​​Swift's ​​Differential ​​Positioning ​​output.
  • Improved ​​I/O ​​Capabilities ​​- ​​This ​​release ​​continues ​​to ​​improve ​​upon ​​input/output ​​(I/O) capabilities ​​in ​​the ​​Piksi ​​Multi ​​receiver. ​​Two ​​fully ​​configurable ​​TCP/IP ​​clients ​​have ​​been ​​added, which, ​​when ​​coupled ​​with ​​the ​​TCP/IP ​​server ​​features ​​from ​​prior ​​releases, ​​allow ​​users ​​to ​​send and ​​receive ​​Swift ​​Binary ​​Protocol ​​(SBP) ​​information ​​including ​​RTK ​​corrections ​​across ​​any ​​LAN through ​​settings ​​changes ​​only. ​​The ​​release ​​also ​​allows ​​modification ​​of ​​the ​​numerical ​​TCP/IP server ​​ports ​​for ​​compatibility ​​with ​​legacy ​​systems. ​​Version ​​1.2 ​​also ​​has ​​improved ​​stability ​​of ​​the micro-USB ​​serial ​​interface ​​through ​​a ​​key ​​bug ​​fix ​​to ​​this ​​interface. ​​The ​​addition ​​of ​​a ​​Linux ​​serial console ​​and ​​network ​​adapter ​​over ​​the ​​micro-USB ​​interface ​​allows ​​advanced ​​receiver ​​command and ​​control ​​for ​​developers.

"The ​​1.2 ​​firmware ​​release ​​marks ​​a ​​new ​​era ​​of ​​performance ​​for ​​the ​​Piksi ​​Multi/Duro™ ​​product ​​lines. ​​We have ​​added ​​GLONASS ​​support ​​for ​​positioning ​​and ​​GLONASS ​​raw ​​observation ​​output ​​for ​​PPK ​​use ​​cases, which ​​makes ​​the ​​Piksi ​​Multi/Duro ​​product ​​lines ​​feature ​​complete ​​for ​​a ​​wide ​​variety ​​of ​​applications," ​​said Anthony ​​Cole ​​Ph.D., ​​Lead ​​Estimation ​​Engineer ​​at ​​Swift ​​Navigation.

"The ​​addition ​​of ​​GLONASS ​​support ​​for ​​positioning ​​provides ​​huge ​​performance ​​benefits ​​in ​​challenging environments, ​​including ​​urban ​​environments ​​and ​​under ​​foliage." ​​​Added ​​Dr. ​​Cole, ​​"This ​​release highlights ​​Swift ​​Navigation's ​​ability ​​to ​​develop ​​new ​​features ​​for ​​the ​​Piksi ​​Multi/Duro ​​product ​​lines ​​with unparalleled ​​speed; ​​due ​​to ​​our ​​unique ​​hardware ​​architecture ​​and ​​innovative ​​approach ​​to ​​testing, ​​we have ​​shipped ​​GLONASS ​​support ​​a ​​mere ​​5 ​​months ​​after ​​the ​​previous ​​firmware ​​release, ​​with ​​no ​​changes to ​​the ​​Piksi ​​Multi ​​hardware ​​required."

For ​​more ​​detailed ​​information ​​about ​​these ​​upgrades, ​​please ​​refer ​​to ​​the ​​​Piksi Multi ​​Firmware ​​1.2 Release​. ​​For ​​detailed ​​instructions ​​on ​​how ​​to ​​upgrade ​​your ​​Piksi ​​Multi ​​device, ​​refer ​​to ​​Section ​​7 ​​of ​​the Getting ​​Started ​​Guide-entitled ​​​Piksi ​​Multi ​​- ​​Upgrading ​​Firmware​​​. ​​For ​​firmware ​​release ​​binaries ​​and product ​​support ​​documentation ​​visit ​​​​.


Swift Navigation​, ​​Inc. ​​was ​​founded ​​in ​​2012 ​​to ​​make ​​GPS ​​positioning ​​technology ​​more ​​accurate ​​and affordable. ​​Today ​​Swift ​​Navigation ​​has ​​gained ​​a ​​reputation ​​for ​​defining ​​a ​​new ​​category ​​of ​​GNSS ​​systems as ​​the ​​industry's ​​first ​​low-cost, ​​high ​​accuracy ​​real-time ​​kinematics ​​(RTK) ​​receiver. ​​Its ​​GPS ​​and ​​GNSS positioning ​​products ​​are ​​available ​​at ​​a ​​fraction ​​of ​​the ​​price ​​of ​​the ​​competition ​​and ​​deliver ​​100 ​​times better ​​accuracy ​​than ​​the ​​GPS ​​in ​​a ​​cell ​​phone. ​​Swift ​​Navigation's ​​technology ​​benefits ​​a ​​multitude ​​of industries ​​and ​​applications-including ​​autonomous ​​vehicles, ​​unmanned ​​aerial ​​vehicles ​​(UAVs), ​​precision agriculture, ​​robotics, ​​surveying ​​and ​​space. ​​With ​​its ​​innovation ​​and ​​technology ​​honored ​​by ​​​Inc.'s 2016 and ​​​Forbes 2017 ​​30 ​​Under ​​30 ​​lists, ​​Swift ​​Navigation ​​is ​​enabling ​​a ​​world ​​where ​​fields ​​farm ​​themselves, drones ​​fly ​​safely ​​and ​​autonomous ​​transportation ​​can ​​take ​​you ​​home. ​​Learn ​​more ​​online ​​at, ​​follow ​​Swift ​​on ​​Twitter ​​​@Swiftnav

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